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Complete DIY systems, Analogue and IP. Minimum 600tvl Sony cameras. D1 resolution 25 fps on all channels with every 4, 8 and 16 ch DVR

We have listed in this site 4, 8 and 16 Camera set-ups.

All our systems are capable of being viewed remotely on a PC, Smart Phone, I Pad or Tablet. All have a fully featured DVR/NVR with motion activated recording not only capable on any camera, but for selected portions of the image. Automatic re-start is a feature that ensures recording resumes after a power off situation. All security camera kits come with the recorder, cameras, Balun connectors for cat-5 connection, all power supplies and software.

Analogue vs IP... We have both

IP or "network" cameras can deliver high definition megapixel images. However analogue CCTV systems provide better efficiency, reduced outlay and higher reliability. This reliability factor is mainly applicable to larger systems due to the fact IP cameras will use a PC of some description for storage VS a stand-alone system ( 32 cameras and up ). 4, 8 and 16 channel systems are pretty equal.i

The choice used to be an easy decision because the cost of a NVR and IP cameras was so much more than a traditional system. This is no longer the case and what you choose should now be based on other considerations.

The main point of difference would have to be the mode of transmission of the video signal from the camera to the recorder. If you want to know more detail... read on.

Both Analogue and IP cameras use either CCD or CMOS sensors within. Both take the analogue signal from the sensor and convert it to digital form by an analogue-to-digital converter and process it by DSP. This is where different things happen. In an analogue security camera, the signal is converted back to analogue form and transmitted via coax or cat-5 to a DVR where it is encoded and stored on a Hard Drive. An IP security camera does this encoding within itself and then sends it via cat-5 to an NVR or PC with storage capabilities. IP cameras do offer more resolution which can equate into a better image quality, but everything else in the system must be up to scratch to handle the bandwidth.

Using a PC for storage is where potential problems occur along with using existing networks. It may be OK for a few cameras, but where a lot of cameras are going to be employed, it is advisable that a new network be laid in and a dedicated PC or NVR be used. There can be problems using an existing network and PC mainly due to bandwidth. This is what makes analogue systems more bullet proof. They operate independent of these restraints. Furthermore, with a larger analogue system, multiple DVR's can be employed as opposed to one NVR or PC. This creates redundancy and adds to the reliability of a non IP/Network CCTV system.

This is where cost comes into it a bit. The bigger you go, the more an IP CCTV system will cost per camera. If you are looking at 16 or less, the difference is minor in the greater scheme of things. Having said that, if a network is in place with a lot of free bandwidth, it may be more cost effective to go the IP path. It is something that is individual to every installation.

So to sum it all up. Analogue CCTV systems are more reliable, require less upfront investment, don't suffer network and software issues and are well established and proven as a reliable surveillance system. IP based systems offer higher resolution and more detailed footage. But this should not be the sole reason to consider an IP system because with proper camera and lens selection, the resolution of an 'normal' CCTV set-up is way more than enough to view anything with 100% clarity.

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All our systems arrive ready for DIY installation. If you can hook up a DVD player or a computer monitor.... you can do this.

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We have details on port forwarding to view your cameras remotely on a PC or mobile phone

Our cctv security cameras have been installed in Queensland hospitals, Government buildings, Restaurants like Montezumas and The Coffee Club, First Choice Liquor, Brisbane Airport outlets, Air freight depots.....

Security cameras help keep employees, suppliers and your customers honest!!!

They are the most economic way to save your business from harm or financial loss.

All our DIY systems include additional items to that shown in illustrations from our manufacturer.

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