Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the system easy to instal?

    Yes. If you can hook up a DVD player and a computer, you can do this.

  2. Do you offer installation?

    No. The easiest way around this is to use your local electrician to run the cables. $100 - $200 tops for a 4 or 8ch system.
    $300 for a 16 ch system.

  3. How many cameras do I need for my home?

    4 will do it. Assuming you have 0 now, that is a 400% increase and it is the most cost effective.

  4. How many cameras do I need for a retail shop?

    Whatever you think you need, then double it. This is a no nonsense formula that will give you the coverage you are seeking.
    If you have 4 rows of shelving ( 5 aisles ) cash register/s, store room, front door... you will use 16 cameras.

  5. How long does the recorder go for?

    3 days to 3 months. Most people typically set it to about 3 weeks. This gives good images and a decent time.

  6. Does the system have motion activated recording?


  7. Can I look at the cameras live on a computer elsewhere or on my phone?

    Yes. You need an internet connection.

  8. Is this remote viewing hard to set up?

    No. But the few that have problems usually have individual Modem / ISP problems.

  9. Do you offer tech support?

    No. But we won't leave you high and dry. The problem is... if you are going to have any trouble it will be with your Modem, your ISP or firewall and ports. Yours is different to all others. All have different ways of setting what needs to be set as per the instruction manual. We just can't possibly know them all.

  10. Do instructions come with the system.


  11. How do I get a system made that will definitely cover what I want to see?

    Call or Email us. We will customise a system and special cameras if needed.

  12. How do I order?

    Call or Email us to place an order.

  13. How do I pay?

    We will send you an invoice. Pay with internet transfer, cheque, cash, paypal or credit card.

  14. How long until I get it?

    2 days for in stock staples. ( systems and most cameras )
    10 days for order in gear... But 7-8 is more typical.

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